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Weekly Bass Music show on Kiss Fm Australia

I’ve been running the Bass Music show on Kiss Fm in Melbourne since the start of November 2013. I’m absolutly loving the weekly session on Tuesday mornings 9am (est) where I get to connect with Australia on FM radio and of course the rest of the world on a live stream online here:

The Bass Music show Read more…

Chris Munky’s Intransit Mix

I made this mix with a a load of beats that I found while I was in the USA touring in the summer & some big tunes that Im feeling at the moment. There are some tasty remixes in here, some double drops & loads of 808s, plus producers & vocalists I’m working with this year.




From Canada to the USA, to Bristol to Poland to France to Thailand to Australia Ive been working on deadly new beats and collabs, including production on the new Dub Fx album. The last 8 months has been nonstop! I promise another mix very soon.

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Snareophobe North America Tour Mix 2012

Here’s a mix we put together for our 2012 North America tour. It flows from Dubstep into Drumstep, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Glitch-Hop, some mad mashups and everything else in-between!

We’re setting off on the epic adventure at the start of August 2012 with our good friends Dub Fx, Flower Fairy & Cade. Read more…

Snareophobe Burning Man Mix 2010

As it’s approaching that time of year again we thought we’d post up this this mix we put together for Burning Man back in 2010. We’ve packaged it up with the original CD artwork for you to download too. Enjoy! :) Read more…

Snareophobe Dub to Jungle Mix

Here’s a little promotional mix we put together for Congo Natty’s ‘Dub to Jungle’ Tour… Read more…