Dub Princess (UK)

So, I recently linked with this little gangsta from the UK whilst at Rainbow Serpent Festival. The Dub Princess hails from Carlisle, UK and has one of the best voices I’ve heard in a few years! We hit it off and have started making some next level tracks together and she has supported my live shows over the past 2 months now….

I seriously can’t wait to drop some new beats for your ears this year & the Dub Princess will defiantly be vibing on the tracks, so keep in touch with the Snareophobe soundcloud page (www.soundcloud.com/snareophobe) and go follow Dub Princess’ channel here:







Weekly Bass Music show on Kiss Fm Australia

I’ve been running the Bass Music show on Kiss Fm in Melbourne since the start of November 2013. I’m absolutly loving the weekly session on Tuesday mornings 9am (est) where I get to connect with Australia on FM radio and of course the rest of the world on a live stream online here:

The Bass Music show
http://www.mixheadz.com/kissfm/show/bass-music/ Read more…

Freq Nasty feat. Soonface – Why? (Snareophobe Remix)

I’m super excited to drop this remix I did for Freq Nasty! Darin Freq Nasty has been a big influence in my musical tastes and I’ve championed a load of his tracks over the years. It’s not often you get to work with someone who influenced you in a big way & I’m greatful for the connection across seas. We caught up at Boomtown Festival last year and a handful of new collab tracks will see the light of day soon.

Go check out my remix of Why? here: https://soundcloud.com/snareophobe/why-feat-spoonface-snarephobe Read more…

Rainbow Serpent 2014 First Announcement

One of Australia’s most loved festivals have dropped a massive first lineup announcement. I’m super pleased to be bringing some bass heavy sounds to Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014! Read more…

Snareophobe L.P released on Gravitas Recordings

I’m pleased to announce that the Snareophobe L.P has just dropped on US digital label Gravitas Recordings. I toured these tracks across the UK, Europe, Canada & the USA with Pete Fibre in 2012. We decided to release the tracks online and are offering people the oppertunity to pay what they feel for the album (Of course you can download for free if you choose!). Read more…

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